SAP Business One (SQL)

Brief Introduction of SAP B1 (SQL)

SAP B1 is one of the few management systems providing comprehensive business management tools in a simple, fully integrated business platform. Using the state of the art SAP B1 system, you will be able to streamline all of your business functions and increase operational excellence to remain profitable in Hong Kong’s highly competitive commercial environment. Astonishingly flexible, this system can be implemented by small, medium and large businesses in virtually every industry. As a distinguished SBO partner, WiseLand is wholly dedicated to providing ongoing technical support for our diverse clientele base.

Why SAP B1 (SQL)?

Easy implementation

Easy implementation

 Closer customer relationships

Closer customer relationships

Business process simplification

Business process simplification

Fast ROI

Fast ROI

Elimination of data redundancy

Elimination of data redundancy


Better insights for business growing

Better insights for business growing

Core Modules

SAP Business One (SAP B1) is an Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) solution consist of 7 fully integrated core modules designed for SMEs.

  • Management & Administration

    SAP Business One (SAP B1) contains the basic settings for currency exchange rates, system setup, and authorizations, as well as settings for online alerts, and data import/ export functions. Depends on the business need, the administrator can set up the approval procedure on different documents for management needs. The Administrator can also apply authorization setting to restrict access on the specific type of document to different users.

    Aside from the authorization and approval setting, the administrator can also control other setting such as period closing, document numbering and setting, Data Cleaning Wizard, etc. In short, the administration module supports administrator/users to manage different setting to streamline and regulate their business processes.

  • Accounting & Financials

    SAP Business One (SAP B1) helps you manage your general ledger, journals, budgets, and accounts payable (AP) and receivable (AR). You can conduct all your banking activities, including processing bank statements and payments by methods such as cheque, cash, and credit card, as well as internal and external reconciliation of various accounts. You can also create various financial reports including profit and loss, cash flow, balance sheet, aging, and profit center reports.

    With support for multiple currencies, budgeting, and bank reconciliation, SAP Business One delivers financial management functionality that enables your enterprise to be more efficient and more productive.

  • Inventory & Distribution

    SAP Business One (SAP B1) enables you to manage your inventory and operations – including picking, packing, shipping, and billing. You can perform inventory valuation using different methods such as standard costing, moving average, and FIFO; monitor stock levels; and track transfers in real time and across multiple warehouses. In addition, you can run real-time inventory updates and availability checks, as well as manage pricing and special pricing, which allows you to automatically apply volume, cash, and account discounts to transactions with vendors and customers.

    SAP Business One (SAP B1) delivers comprehensive, integrated sales and service functionality, helping to ensure total control of customer acquisition, retention, and profitability for your business. Tightly integrated features across marketing, sales, and service provide end-to-end visibility for the entire customer lifecycle.

    Service call functions provide support for service operations, service contract management, service planning, customer interaction activity tracking, customer support, KPI evaluation on internal customer support colleagues.

  • Production & MRP

    SAP Business One (SAP B1) offers a simple yet powerful planning function to help you schedule and manage items that will be produced or purchased using a variety of criteria. SAP Business One (SAP B1) replaces informal, ad hoc, error-prone production, scheduling with a more structured process that uses better information from bills of material, inventory data, inputs from scheduled production and purchase orders, and demand inputs from actual and forecasted orders.。

  • Project & Resource management

    SAP Business One (SAP B1) can help you manage your projects from start to finish by centralizing all project related translations, documents, resources, and activities. Thus, you can monitor the progress of tasks, stages, subprojects, analyze budget costs, and generate reports on various aspects of the project, like stage analysis, open issues, and resources. Now, you can filter and view all time dependent details of your project in one place by the function of Project Overview.

  • Sales & Service

    With SAP Business One (SAP B1) you can:
    • Track sales opportunities and activities from the first contact to the close of sale
    • Create quotes, enter orders, and manage invoices, incoming payments, and credits for returns
    • Initiate marketing campaigns by using templates for mass e-mails
    • Provide support for customer service, service contracts, and warranties

    The software also lets you manage and maintain customer contacts with full Microsoft Outlook synchronization, which results in increased sales effectiveness and stronger customer relationships.

  • Purchasing & Operations

    Every small business needs a systematic approach to managing the procurement process, from creating purchase orders to paying vendors. SAP Business One (SAP B1) helps coordinate the complete order-to-pay cycle, including receipts, invoices, and returns. You can also plan material requirements for production, control bills of material, and replenish inventory automatically. And using SAP Business One’s robust reporting functionality, you can quickly analyze the performance of your vendors and adjust your procurement strategy accordingly.

SAP B1 Mobile

Furthermore, SAP Business One (SAP B1) support mobile function on both Android and IOS platform. The mobile solution allows Users review and access company data or orders through mobile devices.

  • Managers, sales, and service employees stay informed about their business, view reports, manage contacts, and handle sales and service activities
  • Better-informed employees have access to the most relevant data and business processes
  • Real-time business decisions anytime and anywhere mean higher productivity

Tailored Solutions

Apart from the modules and function listed above, SAP Business One (SAP B1) supports customizable add-on made by Wiseland to support extra function for your business need, such as intercompany transaction, Internal/External Database data transfer, barcode handheld scanner add-on and more.